When you're tired of lemonade, make SLIME!

Georgia has grown up surrounded by the Do-It-Yourself ethic. Her dad started the Bridge Nine record label when he was a teenager. To help fund its growth, he then started the Boston-centric brand Sully's, initially capitalizing on Boston's greatest sports rivalry to earn the money needed to press punk-rock records. That DIY-business ethos was instilled in Georgia at an early age, and by the time she was three, Georgia was running her own lemonade stand, pictured here at the Peabody Essex Museum as part of their PEMPM programming. 

After Georgia illustrated her first t-shirt, Georgia's dad painted her lemonade stand black. She sold t-shirts out of it for the first couple of years, but her brand grew quickly and a larger booth was needed to accommodate her collection. Briefly put to the side, Georgia's original lemonade stand saw new life once again in 2022 when it was repurposed as her Slime Stand. Georgia jumped into small-batch slime-making and quickly sold out her first weekend! Check HERE to see what's currently in stock!