Supporting Charities with Georgia's Art

One of the most important lessons that Georgia has learned over the years is how necessary it is to give back to her community. These are some of the local organizations that have benefitted from the sale of products featuring Georgia's art:

nAGLY (North Shore Alliance of GLBTQ Youth)

To date, Georgia's Pride "Rainbow" enamel pins, stickers and a limited run of embroidered patches have raised $7,129.22 (as of 10/13/2023) for nAGLY here in Salem.

HAWC (Healing Abuse, Working for Change)

Georgia's mom Elisabeth worked for HAWC for several years, so this organization is near to her heart. Georgia was able to raise $1,000 for HAWC through the sale of a limited-edition enamel pin featuring a witch wearing a purple hat, recognizing domestic violence awareness.

Black Cat Rescue

All of the proceeds from Georgia's first run of black cat enamel pins - $1,558.50 - was donated to Black Cat Rescue in Boston, Massachusetts. Black Cat Rescue is a no-kill rescue shelter that specializes in black cats, which are half as likely to be adopted as other cats.